Manually Restore Wordpress Blog from the Backup

If something has happened to your site, then it’s the time to reset it. If somebody has hacked your website or you want to host your blog on the new hosting server, then you should read this guide. In this step-by-step guide, we will teach you how you can restore WordPress blog manually?

In the previous step-by-step guide, we had talked about the blog backup. If you have taken the complete backup of your blog, then you can easily restore your WordPress blog.

If you don’t know how to take a complete backup of a WordPress website, then head over here and check out the step-by-step guide on how to take a WordPress blog backup manually.

How to Manually Restore WordPress Blog from the Backup?

To restore a WordPress blog from the backup isn’t a big task; it is an easy and secure process. But before applying the restore process, you have to keep 2 things in mind.

Hosting Change Case: If you were hosting your blog on the XYZ hosting and now want to host your existing blog on the Hostgator hosting server, then firstly you will have to add the domain name. After adding the domain name, you can restore your WordPress blog. [explained below]

Any Miss Happening Case: In the case of miss happening or somebody have tempered the blog files, you have to delete the existing WordPress files and database.

If the files and database are missing or somebody have deleted them, then don’t worry because now you are going to reset your WordPress website!

In short, on the same hosting server to perform a manual restoration the public_html/ or root document should be empty + the database for the particular domain shouldn’t exist.

  1. The “public_html or root document” for the particular domain should be empty. If files and folders are there, then just delete them.
  2. In myphpadmin, the database shouldn’t exist. If the database is present, then delete it.

Now the situation is that you have the WordPress blog backup… but you don’t know how to restore it. So here are the steps to manually restore WordPress blog from the backup…

Upload the Backup of WordPress Files and Folder [.rar file]

Step 1: Go to cPanel and Click on Websites > Files > and File Manager.

Manually Restore Website Backup

Step 2: Select the Document Root and Domain  Name from the drop down list and click on Go button.

Manually Restore Website Backup

Step 3: Now in the public_html/, upload the .zip back up file (WordPress Files and Folders) which you have saved on the local computer.

Upload process will take some time.

Step 4: After the upload, select the .zip backup file and click on the extract icon to open all files in public_html/

Step 5: Now reload the page and delete the .zip backup file.

You have successfully uploaded the backup of WordPress files and folders. Now, it’s time to upload the backup of database i.e. .sql file.

Upload the Database Backup [.sql file]

Step 1: Click on the Database > and then click on phpMyAdmin.

Restore website manually

Step 2: Click on the import option and browse the .sql database file.

Step 3: Now click on the go button to upload the .sql file.

It will take some time.

After some time, a message will appear on the screen “import has been successfully finished.”

So friends follow this step-by-step guide to manually restore WordPress blog from the backup. Don’t forget to share it with others on the social sites.

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