Redirect a Domain on Hostgator

A 301 permanent redirection of any domain from Hostgator cPanel: Sometimes you want to redirect a domain to another website. So in this how-to guide, we will teach you how you can redirect a domain on Hostgator via the cPanel.

This concept is also called URL redirect.  URL redirect does precisely that redirects a visitor of your website from a source URL to a Target URL.

Check out the step-by-step guide on how to redirect a domain on Hostgator without editing .htaccess file.

Redirect a Domain on Hostgator

How to Redirect a Domain on Hostgator?

On Hostgator, you can redirect a domain to new domain from cPanel via the Hostgator Domain Redirect Feature. In the domain redirection process, you will face two terms – Permanent and Temporary.

Permanent Redirect 301: A permanent redirect is used to communicate to browsers and search engines precisely that the redirect is permanent. Browsers will cache and search engine spiders will follow a permanent redirect.

It is best and recommendable!

Temporary Redirect: A temporary redirect will remain in place until you disable it. This type of redirect is used in case you want to eventually use the original URL again. Browser will not cache a temporary redirect.

Here are the steps to redirect a domain on Hostgator via cPanel… using the domain redirect feature:

Step 1: Log in to cPanel and Click on Redirects under the Domains.

Step 2:  Now on Redirect Screen, fill the details

  • Select type: Permanent (301) or Temporary.
  • Select Domain Name You want to Redirect.
  • Enter New Domain Name in Redirect to
  • Select Redirect Method: with or without www.
  • Check the Wild Card Redirect box.
  • Press the ADD button and You are Done.

Redirect Domain or URL on Hostgator

You have successfully redirected the domain to new domain.

If you have any query related to the domain redirect, then just comment us.

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