Choose Best Hosting for the Business

Are you looking for the best and affordable web hosting? Do you want to set up the blog on the paid hosting? If your answer for the given questions is yes, the read our special guide on how to choose best hosting for your business.

Hosting is a space where you can set up your blog or blogs. So if you have a domain name and now you just need a hosting space, then how can you find out which type of web hosting service should you go with?

What are the things that you should consider while buying a hosting? Read our guide till the end to choose best hosting for the business.

Choose Best Hosting for the Business

How to Choose Best Hosting for the Business?

If you are new in the blogging field and want to host 2 or 3 blogs, then you should buy the shared hosting. This hosting is affordable and best for the newcomers.

For the record, in the shared hosting category… Hostgator’s baby plan is highly recommendable by the blogger. You can also test their hosting in just $0.01. Buy Hostgator 1 penny plan and set up the blog/s in just $0.01.

If you are a professional or you think that your blog/s might get the high traffic in future, then go for the VPS hosting.

In the high traffic cases, you can also opt for the dedicated or WordPress managed hosting. But mostly, the bloggers either choose shared hosting or VPS hosting.

Now you have an idea about the hosting. If your blog is new or getting less traffic, then go for the shared hosting else select the VPS hosting or dedicated or WordPress managed hosting.

Now it’s time to dig more!

In The Case of Shared Hosting:

If you have selected the shared hosting (you think it is suitable for you business), then you should also check some core features of the shared hosting.

  • Bandwidth: Always buy the shared hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth i.e. Unlimited Transfer / Download or Upload.
  • Disk Space: Many providers provide the unlimited space. So just find the hosting with unlimited space.
  • Domain Host: If a hosting provider is offering multi-domain hosting at affordable rates, then don’t miss it.
  • Refund Policy: If a hosting company offers money-back-guarantee, then consider this thing as a plus point.
  • Uptime: It should be 99.9% or 100%.
  • Customer Support: The customer support should be 24×7 to solve technical issues.

So in the case of shared hosting, just look these above mentioned features… i.e. unlimited domains, unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth + 99.9% uptime and money-back guarantee offer.

In The Case of VPS Hosting:

In the case of the VPS hosting, the hosting providers provide the limited disk space. This hosting is basically selected on the basis of speed, bandwidth, domain hosting, and RAM.

We have checked many websites and we found that the VPS Hosting Plans of Dreamhost are well and good. On Dreamhost, all plans come with unlimited bandwidth and domain hosting. It is an award winning and trusted hosting provider. You can buy the basic plan of VPS hosting on Dreamhost in just $15/month.

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