Dreamhost Hosting Discount 2017 – Save up to 40%

DreamHost is an award-winning web hosting company, provides big discounts to all new customers on different types of hosting plans. Every experienced blogger prefers Dreamhost hosting because it never let your business down. So, if you have decided to shift your hosting and looking for the best solution… then give it a try.

Dreamhost is offering big discounts on all hosting plans. You can save up to 40% on DreamHost web hosting. So what’s the deal and how can you get the 40% discount.

Check out the best Dreamhost Hosting Discount 2017 deals and review below.

Dreamhost Hosting Discount on All Web Hosting Plans

Dreamhost Hosting Discount 2017 – Save up to 40%

Dreamhost offers shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress managed hostings. Every month you can get a big discount on these types of hosting plans. So if you are looking for best and discounted hosting plan to set up your new blog, then get the 40% off Right Now!

Most blogs work well on the basic Shared hosting plan. However, if  your blog is getting a large amount of traffic (Real Time Traffic) then you can upgrade your DreamHost hosting plan to a VPS, Dedicated, or DreamPress plan anytime.

DreamHost Shared Hosting

Like any other web hosting providers, DreamHost.com also provides the shared hosting. People who are new in the blogging field or still in their experimental phase are most likely to go for Shared Hosting Services as it is more affordable and give all the features required.

It comes with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting, and unlimited email accounts!

They also give a 97 days money-back-guarantee which makes it easier for the customer to trust on and rely for the money he is investing.

Dreamhost Shared Hosting Plans

DreamHost VPS Hosting

If you are looking for scalability and performance or you need something powerful than shared hosting, then VPS Managed Hosting might be the solution!

The VPS hosting provides more power, speed, and stability. You can host unlimited domains with unlimited bandwidth.

DreamHost VPS Hosting Plans

DreamHost WordPress Managed Hosting

Dreampress 2 is their latest update on the VPS, managed hosting by DreamHost. It provides better features than its old version Dreampress 1. One of the major requirements in WordPress is the Speed of the website.

Where others struggle to nail it, DreamHost makes sure you have a flawless and a super-fast website. For that, they have, Varnish Caching and Memcached. These two tools boost the speed makes sure nothing is stopping your website to run at a high speed.

DreamHost WordPress hosting plans include easy setup, automated updates, and backups, 100% network uptime with no bandwidth limitations and 24/7 WordPress support.

DreamHost WordPress Managed Hosting Plans

DreamHost Dedicated Hosting

When you’re done sharing and want your own server… Go for dedicated hosting. It gives you the ultimate in control, power, and security.

If your business or blog is taking the next big leap and you are ready to raise the bar, go and opt for dedicated server hosting – Starting at $149/mo.

No disturbance and just own every process related to your website. Total control and you can take your business to the next level of success.


  • 4 Cores + 1TB HDD + 4GB RAM [Price: $149/mo]
  • 4 Cores + 1TB HDD + 8GB RAM [Price: $189/mo]
  • 4 Cores + 1TB HDD + 16GB RAM [Price: $229/mo]
  • 12 Cores + 2TB HDD or 240GB SSD + 16GB RAM [Price: $279/mo]
  • 12 Cores + 2TB HDD or 240GB SSD + 32GB RAM [Price: $329/mo]
  • 12 Cores + 2TB HDD or 240GB SSD + 16GB RAM [Price: $379/mo]

DreamHost Dedicated Hosting Plans

Why Dreamhost Web Hosting?

There are other web hosting companies in the market… then why DreamHost? Why should you buy the Dream hosting for your business from it?

The answers are here…!

Dreamhost is an award winning premium hosting company. Many professionals or you can say the advance bloggers recommend it.

In addition to that, this company also offers a lot of features when you purchase the hosting for your business.

  • A Strong Anti-Spam Policy and Free WHOIS Privacy.
  • 24/7 to Provide One-Touch Resolution.
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee.
  • Solid State Drives (SSDs).
  • Commitment to Security with Let’s Encrypt.